In the valleys of Serra Gaúcha,  through the heritage of the European pioneers, the culture and habits remain. The ideals and the values are the same, but everything is renewed. The old and the modern always entwine.

Through the appreciation of the peculiar work of the craftsman, new shapes. Through the authenticity of the colors of the nature, personality. Through the romance and lyricism of the four seasons, inspiration. Nothing is the same. 



Each piece of work from De Lavie Decor is crafted with a lot of esteem and dedication. Our products are made manually, since its concept through the final results. Elegance and finesse to set your house, your life. With affection, to your home. Nothing is the same.



De Lavie Decor’s products are designed with a retro style, attracting consumers who longs for pieces with high technology and the romantic design of the past. The sum of past and future presented in exquisite products crafted only with the most noble wood, allied to a modern system of sliders and dampers.



The brand offers over a hundred of color combinations to be chosen by the client.


Quality Control

The craftsmanship dictates the peculiar style of each product. Every piece is inspected before packaging and takes the De Lavie tag on it.